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An Update for Our Colleague from John Black:

Steve Simonian, Mayor City of La Habra
Brian Horton, Chairman of the Board, Goodwill of Orange County
Dan Rogers, President and CEO, Goodwill of Orange County.
1st Enterprise Bank President Brian Horton and Goodwill of Orange County - 
“A Passion for the Mission” 
Goodwill of Orange County provides job training and employment services to the County’s most underserved population: people with disabilities and barriers to independence.  The results are important to the community.  In 2009, 238 Orange County companies hired Goodwill-trained workers, and over 2,000 were assisted through workforce development programs.  This year more than 9,000 people will be served.  Goodwill-trained clients gain dignity, independence and the ability to be productive members of the community.  Everyone benefits.
1st Enterprise Bank President, Brian Horton, reflects on his participation with the non-profit as Chairman of the Board: “Orange County Goodwill is self-funding, including an online presence and 20 retail stores which generate 60-70% of their annual revenue.  1st Enterprise Bank supports my involvement with Goodwill and is committed to partnering with them financially.  Goodwill is a very dedicated organization and the impact they have on our community is tremendous.”
Dan S. Rogers, President & CEO of Goodwill, hailed Brian’s involvement: “As our Chairman of the Board, Brian Horton has made numerous contributions.  Goodwill and 1st Enterprise Bank operate in highly regulated environments, and it’s good to have someone with Brian’s financial acumen.  With his help, we’ve refined our fund development, compliance, governance, and communication strategies, and I’m pleased to say that we’re exceeding our goals.”
Goodwill has been recognized by Charity Navigator as one of the “Top 10 Charities With The Most Consecutive 4-Star Ratings” based on organizational efficiency and effectiveness.  For every dollar spent, 91 cents is reinvested in Orange County Goodwill’s programs and services.
1st Enterprise Bank Featured in
Orange County Business Journal
The November 7, 2010 issue of the Orange County Business Journal featured a story titled From Bailouts to Buyouts, written by banking reporter Chris Casacchia, with quotes and references made by Brian Horton of 1st Enterprise Bank: 
The hasty bank marriages of the past few years “will come to an end,” said K. Brian Horton, president of Los Angeles-based 1st Enterprise Bank, which has a branch in Irvine. “We’ll enter a phase of negotiated transactions,” said Horton, who splits his time between the bank’s Irvine and Los Angeles offices.
A 28-year veteran, Horton said he expects natural consolidation to hit the industry in coming years as banks face tougher regulatory requirements and scrutiny. “It’s going to result in bank sales,” he said. “But I think the banking industry will be much stronger.”
Q3 2010 Financial Results
from CEO John Black
1st Enterprise Bank reported 3rd quarter net income of $402,000, and total assets of $491 million. These figures represented a 61% and 6% increase respectively, over the prior quarter.
The Bank has continued to attract, retain and deliver highly personalized service to successful companies throughout Southern California. Our success is a direct reflection of the quality of our customer base and our staff.
As of quarter end the Bank had no past due loans, no charge offs, no OREO’s and no impaired investments. These factors have contributed to our growth as we continue to offer an attractive alternative to the larger banks in our region. 
John Black

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