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eNews Summer 2011

An Update from John Black:

Regional Vice President David Kohn
with Club members.
1st Enterprise Banker David Kohn Volunteers
to Help Boyle Heights Kids
Since the 1920’s, Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles has been home to hard-working immigrants—first an Eastern European Jewish community, then Japanese, Russian, Yugoslavian and today a large Latino population. 1st Enterprise’s Los Angeles Regional Vice President, David Kohn, has been a regular fixture there for over 7 years, serving on the Board and quietly raising money to support the Variety Boy’s and Girl’s Club ( http://www.varietysocal.org/).
Providing after-school tutors, a computer learning center and millions of dollars in college scholarships, the charity attracted David because, he said, “Its mission is clear, its leadership effective, and its benefit to the community unquestionable.” Most importantly, the Club provides a safe haven for children in an area where there are thirty-eight active gangs.
David’s knowledge of financing and the Bank’s contacts with foundations, such as LA84, helped generate $10M in funds for a new building (open to the public in October 2011).
Good work, David, and thank you.

Vice President Christine Mesropyan
Christine Mesropyan – Your Go-to Banker
for Fiduciary Accounts

Professionals who work with fiduciary bank accounts may be pleased to know that 1st Enterprise Bank has an extremely knowledgeable in-house specialist who can assist with opening and managing specialized fiduciary accounts. Larger banks may tell you it’ll take a few days to research, but at 1st Enterprise, just go straight to Christine Mesropyan.
With a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling all aspects of fiduciary accounts, Christine and her team can establish or smoothly transition existing accounts, including decedent estate accounts, guardianships, conservatorships, escrow agents, trust, special needs trusts and joint control accounts.
If you need to open a fiduciary account or are looking for a banker that understands the specific requirements you have in establishing and servicing an account, call us. Christine’s ultra-trained eye can quickly navigate sophisticated documentation, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Q2 Financial Results from CEO John Black
In the reported results for Quarter Ending June 30, 2011, two important achievements were highlighted:  Net income of $832,000 (compared to net income of $251,000 for the prior year) and 32% growth in loans over the prior year. 
This quarter was especially significant for us in that it marked the Bank's fifth anniversary (July 3, 2011) and reflected record highs of $526 million in total assets, $478 million in total deposits and $238 million in outstanding loans. In this period of relatively slow economic growth, this level of loan growth is significant, and is reflective of the quality of our customers, our staff and our consistent lending policies.

John Black

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